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Taking Saree Challenge Seriously? Check how your photos can be misused!

Taking Saree Challenge Seriously? Check how your photos can be misused!
Taking Saree Challenge Seriously? Check how your photos can be misused!

The Deepnude website that makes fake nude photos of people dressed is back…

Your saree challenge photos may end up as a nude! We are not resorting to victim-blaming here, but recent reports say Deep Nude is a website that caught fire last year for making fake nude photos of people dressed and is back in work. The website was shut down after creating controversy last year, though it has now rebounded and it is said that Indian cyber criminals are using it with malicious intent.

Cybercriminals are using this technique to target porn, catfish and blackmailers, in addition to using Deepnude to target women. The website Deepnude uses artificial intelligence for people dressed. In simple terms, they use AI technology to take a simple undressed photo of a man, usually women and strip it naked. The Deep Nude website called as a camera app “has an X-ray feature for viewing through clothes”. As the #SareeTwitter trend on Twitter, women share pictures of themselves draped in saris.

However, cyber-crime agencies in Maharashtra are working towards tracking Deep Nude, which produces a nude version of any uploaded photo within seconds. Our sources working for the case told that what is more worrying is that several versions of Deep Nude exist on the Internet, including an app and a Twitter handle. A similar page also asks for donations from users in from of Cryptocurrencies.

Website-produced nude images can be misused in many ways. Blackmailing, catfishing, pornography, revenge porn and the right to character assassination, there really is no restriction here. Photographs of women using deep nude and dating apps are being used for nefarious purposes such as blackmail, pornography and creating catfish accounts.

Recent trends such as the Sari Challenge, where women upload their photos on their social media accounts and tag their friends, form a chain, offering endless opportunities to hunt down criminal elements using websites such as Deepnude. It is best to keep privacy settings.

Typically, elements using such websites emphasize the fact that victims are reluctant to file complaints for fear of stigma attached to it. Officials emphasize the importance of reporting such cases, so that rapid action can be taken that can serve as a deterrent to others.

Deepnude is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Based App that allows fraudster to insert full-body photos of people and then simply 'take their clothes off'. It is artificial intelligence software capable of generating naked photos of women.

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