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An App Can Scan Fingerprints From The Glass You're Drinking Water In... Yes, You Read It Right!!!

According to a report, Tencent Security’s X-Lab team showcased this at a hacking event in Shanghai by inviting members of the audience to touch a glass.

The hack is quite a simple one: you touch a drinking glass, your fingerprints are left behind, and the hackers pick up the fingerprints to unlock your smartphone.

How Does The Hack Work?

It is suggested that the hacking team developed an app, which completes the whole process and makes it a success.

Firstly, a photo of the fingerprints left on a drinking glass is taken. Following this, the app is used to scan the fingerprint data from the picture.

Finally, once the data is scanned, a copy of the fingerprint is created (which takes around 20 minutes to form) that can be used to unlock the person’s smartphone, whose fingerprints just got cloned.

The fake fingerprints were able to be-fool three smartphones’ fingerprint scanners and two attendance machines that support fingerprint scanning at the event.

While the hackers demoed the whole process at the hacking event, they did not reveal the complete details regarding the app or its functioning.

Furthermore, the hackers claimed to have hacked three types of fingerprint scanning tech.

This includes Capacitance (the physical fingerprint scanners we find on a device), Optical (the in-display fingerprint scanning found on OnePlus smartphones), and Ultrasonic (the tech on the Samsung Galaxy S10 series.)

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